From R.D.

My husband and I initially met Ms. Forsman when we phoned her to inquire regarding a listing she had for 34 Beach Avenue. During the first phone call I explained to Ms. Forsman that we had seen the property on line and though we thought it looked beautiful we believed that the price was high given the market. Without hesitating, Ms. Forsman told us that she would be happy to show the property to us. We met with her the next day in Larchmont. I can honestly say to you that at no time before we arrived in Larchmont did either my husband or myself have any intention of moving. We were taking the drive to begin our investigation into Westchester homes, as we had decided it might be time for our growing family to relocate from Manhattan. Upon meeting Pollena she first took us for a driving tour of Larchmont and parts of Mamaroneck, pointing out the various school locations, the many parks (including the new Astroturf that was installed in several), the Trader Joe’s on Boston Post Road, the swimming pool (upon learning my husband was an avid swimmer), the club locations (upon learning about his interest in golf), and the variety of hockey programs (upon learning our 9 year old son has a desire to someday win the Stanley Cup.) Knowing that we were new and unfamiliar with the housing market in the area, during this tour Pollena took a great deal of time to point out more than 20 houses that had sold over the last 2 or 3 years, with listing data, actual sale data, time on the market and all other relevant details. She then took us to 8 or 9 houses in different locations with different price points so that we could begin to understand the value metrics. By the time we looked at 34 Beach, David and I had already fallen in love with the neighborhood, the waterfront area of Larchmont Manor, and the idea of raising children who could safely walk to school on their own. More importantly, by the time we parted ways with Pollena, David and I both felt that we understood several various “price points” in the neighborhood. When we went home we realized we had become excited about the idea of Westchester as well as by this particular house. We made plans to return to Larchmont and, with Pollena’s assistance, saw every listing in the area that was priced within 50% of the 34 Beach, as well as everything that was for sale in the surrounding area. We were getting excited to move ahead and did not want to wait. I spent more than a week, with Pollena’s tireless assistance, investigating the school, the town and tax situation, and trying to get a handle on the investment that had been made in the property. Ten days later when David and I had completed our own “due diligence”, we told Pollena that we wanted to bid on the house. She had previously explained to us that she represented the seller and she could arrange for us to have our own realtor who would solely represent our interests; or, if we liked, she could as for approval from the seller to represent both parties. By that point we trusted Pollena completely and felt it was unnecessary to find different representation. With the approval of the seller, Pollena acted in the interest of the sale, representing neither the seller nor the buyer. We made our bid on the house on a Saturday night and insisted we have a response on Sunday with inspection to be held on Monday so that I could fly to Asia on Monday night. It was an emotional 24 hours but Pollena handled herself with grace and composure, ultimately bringing everyone together in time to meet our schedule. From thereon in it was very smooth sailing. Pollena is extremely organized and detail oriented. We have purchased five luxury homes and this one was, without question, the most professionally handled. Our lawyer, a luxury real state expert with more than 30 years of experience, told us several times how impressed he was by her knowledge and her professional approach. I don’t think that David and I intend to sell our house or buy a house any time soon, but if we did the only person we would use would be Pollena. Having said that, we of course do and would recommend her to anyone interested in either buying a home or selling a home, David and I know that despite the fact you are dealing with a very expensive item, the treatment you receive and the approach taken by many real estate brokers is not up to the task. We both endorse Pollena Forsman without qualification and with great enthusiasm.

From B.L. Larchmont Manor

“Working with Pollena Forsman to sell our home was an absolute pleasure. Pollena took on a uniquely challenging project for the sale of our customized, recently built home in the Larchmont Manor. When we hired Pollena early in 2011, it was evident to us that her top priority was to meet our needs and work in our best interest according to our timeframe regardless of market pressures. Pollena keeps in mind the very personal element of selling a home. She has such a crucial expertise when it comes to real estate in the Larchmont community. Pollena could easily “switch gears” depending on what the market would bring and also think on her feet to capture all possibilities at hand. We were deciding between selling and renting our home and knew it would be a process to ultimately find the right fit. Pollena listened to our continuously changing needs and was flexible with her strategies based on where we were in the process. She calmly endured the dynamic process regardless of how much extra work this required on her end. In addition, the majority of this project and final transaction was completed while we were living abroad due to a recent family relocation. Thus, we trusted Pollena to work closely with our house management team on our behalf for the preparation of our home for showing, renting and, consequently, handing the keys to the new owners without even having us back in the country full time. Pollena seamlessly partnered with us, clearly rising above and beyond the usual responsibilities or expectations of an agent. Even with our “plus 5 hours” time difference, she was always readily available by phone or email. I highly recommend Pollena Forsman to anyone selling or renting a home, especially in the more exclusive home market.”

From G.M. & J.M Larchmont Manor

“Pollena was a pleasure to work with…but not simply because of her pleasant personality. She grounded our pricing strategy in an aggressive but realistic assessment of Larchmont home values at a key point in the real estate cycle.She saw positives when other potential listing brokers focused on potential negatives. She did her homework and helped us to demonstrate that third-floor living space was original to our house, an important selling point to prospective families. And she worked with us every step of the way, including providing a recommendation for a great stager.”

From John Gardner, President Lambden & Gardner Law

“Pollena is an extremely professional, detail oriented real estate broker, who works incredibly hard for her clients. As a real estate attorney, I work together with brokers every day, and have done so for many years. I consider her to be one of the finest brokers I have ever worked with. She is exceptional.”

From B.P. Larchmont

“Pollena is a total pro. Even though we know she’s a top seller, she never made us feel that we were one of many clients – she always gave us her attention, responded to our phone calls and emails quickly, and helped us navigate thru a confusing process with grace. We hope to be in our new home for many years, but won’t hesitate to reach out to Pollena again when it’s time to sell.”

From B.B. Larchmont

“Became a friend thru process of her helping us buy a home, and brought her back in to sell it.”

From N.G. Larchmont Manor

“Pollena did an outstanding job for us in finding a home in Larchmont. She went above and beyond what we expected and made the move from CT a pleasant experience. There was nothing you couldn’t ask Pollena and she executed on all of them. A true proffesional in all phases. We would highly recomend her.”

From J.S. Larchmont

“The bottom line is: My wife and I would highly recommend Pollena! We are living in our dream house as a direct result of her effort. Pollena was patient, responsive, and most importantly, she anticipated our needs. At the time we were looking it was at the height of the sellers market, just had our second child and desperate to find something. After losing out on several bidding wars we became extremely frustrated and were just about ready to give up on Larchmont. Luckily we were referred to Pollena. Her level of expertise made all the difference. She gave us straight forward and candid advice, set our expectations and really helped us to understand the market. In the end we have her to thank for our dream home in Larchmont. Her patience, market knowledge and personal attention made all the difference. We have since referred several of our friends to her and they have be equally pleased.”

From R.A. Larchmont

“Pollena Forsman is first rate! When searching for our home, she listened to all of our criteria and pointed out the positives and negatives of each house viewed. She is knowledgeable, professional and invaluable as both a guide and resource. She not only helped us find our home, but helped us transition into the Larchmont community. She has become a great friend”

From M.S. and A.S. Larchmont

“Finding someone you trust to assist in making one of the most significant life decisions of purchasing a home is no easy task. Pollena proved to be an exceptional guide and trusted advisor for our family as she assisted us in selecting Larchmont for our new home as we reviewed the variety of Westchester town options. Once we decided on Larchmont, Pollena worked tirelessly with us until we ultimately found the right home for our family. Her extensive market knowledge, amazing attitude, responsiveness, and attention to detail gave us comfort and confidence as we reviewed the housing options and ultimately in our purchase. Moreover, as a long-time Larchmont resident and an experienced real-estate professional, Pollena’s guidance and insight was invaluable, particularly given our purchase coincided with the significant real estate market uncertainty in 2010. While we began our interaction with Pollena hoping for a “good” experience, we were amazed by how quickly we realized that we had found someone who we looked forward to working with and who our two young children also looked forward to seeing as well.”