From J.S. Larchmont

“The bottom line is: My wife and I would highly recommend Pollena! We are living in our dream house as a direct result of her effort. Pollena was patient, responsive, and most importantly, she anticipated our needs. At the time we were looking it was at the height of the sellers market, just had our second child and desperate to find something. After losing out on several bidding wars we became extremely frustrated and were just about ready to give up on Larchmont. Luckily we were referred to Pollena. Her level of expertise made all the difference. She gave us straight forward and candid advice, set our expectations and really helped us to understand the market. In the end we have her to thank for our dream home in Larchmont. Her patience, market knowledge and personal attention made all the difference. We have since referred several of our friends to her and they have be equally pleased.”